DOMINIONHOUSE’s 7 Steps to Publishing

STEP 1: Typesetting Manuscript

Typesetting is the process when your manuscript is typed into the computer, inputting it into a word processing programs such as MS Word or Pages. This is somewhat time consuming, but a manuscript only needs to be typeset once if there are no revisions to it at a later date.

STEP 2: Editing Manuscript

Editing comes in various levels and degrees. From creating strong sentence structure, to tackling grammatical issues, also establishing which voice and style you’re writing in, and all the in-between, working with an editor is a step an author should never bypass.  A professional editor can help you determine what is needed to bring your manuscript to the level where it’s understandable to your target audience, and clearly conveys your message with excellence.

STEP 3: Interior Text Layout and Design

This is the step where your book starts to come together visually as we move into the design stage. Text Layout & Design can include: choosing fonts, headers & footers, decorative accents, text placement, etc. This step also involves adding decorative accents or design elements to make the interior pages of your book attractive to your readers.

STEP 4: Cover Layout and Design

The layout & design of the cover is one of the most important steps of the publishing process. The cover design is important because it is the factor that initially attracts readers to your book.
 The goal of DOMINIONHOUSE is to design each cover to suit the author’s taste, therefore we offer custom designs. If the author doesn’t have a particular layout & design in mind we will then work together to come up with an attractive design for your book cover.

STEP 5: Proofreading

Just as critical as editing, proofreading is a step an author shouldn’t skip. Before any book goes to print it’s very important an author works with a professional proofreader to make sure their book is error free.

STEP 6: Book Printing

Book printing is the final phase of the DOMINIONHOUSE publishing process. This is usually the most exciting too! It is at this stage you will finally see your vision come together.
 The price per book print rate varies based on the book’s size, number of pages, type of paper, and type of binding.
 When you work with us, please rest assured that each book will be offered to you at a wholesale rate. This will allow the author to sell their book at retail if they choose. If you choose to sell your book all the profits are yours, and DOMINIONHOUSE doesn’t receive any profits or royalties from your book. We benefit only when you continue to invest in our products and services.

STEP 7: Distribution

We offer worldwide distribution making your book available on,, and a host of other online retailers.

More Publishing Solutions Offered By DH:

ISBN Number and Barcode Creation

DOMINIONHOUSE offers ISBN number and barcode creation for authors who desire to place their books in bookstores or with online retailers.

Marketing and Promotion

Once your book is completed the next step is marketing and promotion. DOMINIONHOUSE has solutions for you. We specialize in developing custom marketing and promotional items that will let the world know about you and your book. From business cards to bookmarks, to posters and banners, and much more, we’ve got you covered!